Monday, March 05, 2007

A True Metrics: Running Tested Features (RTF)

Running Tested Featured (RTF) and metrics that are truly valuable are important parts of agile. We will be diving into various metrics down the road a bit. In the mean time, please browse our latest post.


Michael said...

Just found the blog. :)

I would greatly appreciate if it was possible to switch to a more read-friendly font.

/Fellow CSM

Anonymous said...

problem is you have to create the tests up front to the development, now you have a backwards phased project. (waterfall with the test automation in front)

Jacob Karma said...

In reply to Anonymous, I disagree that creating tests upfront is a problem.

Each ticket should have some acceptance tests defined prior to development - a) how else do you know when the ticket is completed? b) How can the tester understand the goals of the ticket?

Just some thoughts..

David said...

I think knowing what you are developing, you could in moments, come up with some basic first off tests to be run as acceptance tests, just to provide you that metric. The more comprehensive testing could follow when the product owner / customer get involved.


Yoram said...

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