Thursday, February 22, 2007

5 Essentials for Software Development Metrics

5 Essentials for software development metrics






We will be getting in more depth about software development and key metrics in a post soon to come. In the mean time, please browse our more recent posts that address project management and scrum.

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James Peckham said...

I completely agree that metrics should have all of those characteristics you mentioned. Also, I would state that most of the time metrics should be an indicator to something however not treated as 'facts' for the purpose of making decisions.

I've seen too many times where some metric taken out of context or solely by itself was used to make a decision before consulting the people doing the work.

So I prefer metrics be only indicators of current work status and that a discussion with the people doing the work be my confirmation of a certain thing.

Derby and Larsen say in "Agile Retrospectives" to put the data in front of the team and then find out what they believe was going on to make that data look the way it does. Then try letting the team make the decision... if they can.