Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Scrum Blog Part 1: The "Scrum-ening"

Let's start with a basic introduction, my name is Sean McHugh aka the lead trainer at Axosoft. Since we make Agile / Scrum software here at Axosoft I tend to spend most of my time either working with succesful Scrum and/or Agile teams who are adopting a software solution or teams just adopting Scrum and Agile looking for a little bit of guidance. You may hear me mention OnTime every now and then (our flagship product) but I'll try to keep that to a minimum and just focus on Scrum as a whole.

What is going to make this blog a little different (and therefore worth your time) is the unique angle I approach Scrum from. I'm a certified Scrum Master and I have a good amount of experience helping teams implement Scrum and Scrum solutions I do not however work within a Scrum team. That means that I have the opportunity to see Scrum applied in all kinds of different environments and encounter a wide array of problems.

Because of my perspective on Scrum, you may find yourself occasionally at odds with the things I'm saying and that's actually a good thing. Jump into the comments, I love interacting with the Scrum and Agile community as a whole and I don't doubt that I'll end up learning just as much from you as you will from me.

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