Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Changing the Mindset of an Organization

When it comes to changing any organization's mindset of altering processes and how things are done, it is difficult because of the possible side effects that could occur when the changes take place. You also have to consider the perspective that changing things takes time, which ultimately costs money. You have to defend against all of these things and make the case that the risks and cost don't outweigh the proposed agile changes.

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Gerald Williams said...

Organisational change is the hard bit and I have discussed it in my blog along with a few example of an organisation that made the big leap - SCRUM/XP etc within a year.

There is plenty of evidence ou there for the fact that Agile improves productivity, reduces time to market, improves quality etc so the business case for it is high - but like anything the combination of Agile practices you choose needs to suit your organisation.

John Kotters Book - 'The Heart of Change' - is very good on how to change the mindset of an organisation with plenty of examples.